How to iron a shirt properly:

tips and life hacks


What it takes to iron a shirt

  • Clean iron. Carbon deposits and rust on the sole will spoil the thing. Wipe the iron with a clean cloth before ironing.
  • A fresh shirt. Iron only washed shirts: if there is dirt on the fabric, it will be absorbed into the fibers and it will be difficult to wash them.
  • Distilled water. Purified water does not contain impurities, so it does not form scale, and steam will not leave stains and stains on clothes.
  • The ironing board is spotless.

On what mode to iron

The manufacturer specifies the rules for the care of clothes on the label. If the label has already been cut, choose the temperature according to the type of fabric. Many irons have modes for different materials: cotton, silk, linen, wool, nylon. If there are no auto modes, set the temperature manually. Before starting work, check the selected mode on an inconspicuous part of the shirt, for example, on the inner seam.


Is it possible to iron wet shirts

Ironing wet clothes is not recommended: silk fibers may lose their appearance and thin, cotton will stretch, and linen will become coarse. Wet clothes can be ironed only when they are well wrung out in the washing machine. The exception is clothing made of viscose and silk: it can only be ironed dry.

Step-by-step instructions:

Collar. Put the shirt on the wrong side up and iron the collar from the edges to the middle. It is important not to iron the fold line — this will spoil the look of the shirt. Turn over and iron the collar from the front side.
Cuffs. First, iron the cuffs from the inside: unbutton the buttons and unfold the cuffs, put the nose of the iron into it and move from the edges to the middle. Turn the fabric over to the front side and repeat the steps.
Sleeves. Straighten the sleeve along the bottom seam so that there are no folds, and iron it. Turn it over and iron it on the back side. You cannot iron the bend: an arrow will appear.
Back. Everything is simple here: go through the fabric with an iron from top to bottom. Carefully iron the areas at the collar and sleeves.
Shoulders. Put the shoulder of the shirt on the rounded edge of the ironing board and iron it. Go through the hard-to-reach corners with your nose to smooth out all the folds.
The front of the shirt. Put the shelf (half of the front part) on the ironing board face up, smooth it with your hands and start ironing. Carefully treat the folds at the sleeves and collar and smooth the plank - the place where the buttons are sewn.


How to avoid arrows on long sleeves

The arrows on the sleeves look untidy. In order not to form a hall, you can

use a special nozzle for sleeves. This is a miniature ironing board that is sold complete with a large one. The sleeve is put on the nozzle completely and ironed in a circle.

If there is no special device, then you can put a roller, a towel rolled into a tight roll or a rolling pin wrapped in a cloth in the sleeve. Start stroking from the cuffs up. First from the inside out, then from the front side.

Another way. Put the sleeve on the ironing board so that the seam is in the middle, and iron it without touching the edges. Now straighten the sleeve along the bottom seam and iron the fabric again on both sides.


Useful tips

Immediately take the shirts out of the washing machine and dry them on the hangers: it is easier to prevent the appearance of wrinkles than to smooth them out. But you need to start working with a damp cloth. If the shirt is completely dry, spray it from a spray bottle and put it in a bag: after 10 minutes, the moisture will be evenly distributed throughout the product.

To dry clothes faster, put aluminum foil under the ironing board cover — it reflects heat and helps to straighten deep creases.

To properly iron a shirt, you need to follow the sequence: start with small details — the collar, cuffs, and only then move on to the sleeves, back and front. Keep the iron and ironing board clean and observe the temperature regime for each product. Then things will retain their original appearance longer and will last for more than one year.